Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marshmallow Experiment

Marshmallows how I love you! So soft, fluffy and just melt in my mouth! I could probably go through a half of a bag of them on their own. This was a challenge to see if I could make them on my myself. There is only a handful of ingredients that go into a Marshmallow and it mostly consists of sugar... both corn syrup or granulated sugar the other main ingredient is gelatin and lots of it. If I was a less ambitious person I would have made a half of a batch instead the recipe took 4 packets of gelatin and a cup of corn syrup.
I've made a marshmallow frosting for the smore cupcakes and its a similar process. Heat the sugar to a molten 244 degrees then combine it with the gelatin then whisk it until it is crazy fluffy. I did enjoy trying to figure out how to transfer the marshmallow out of the bowl and into a 8 by 12 glass pan without it sticking to everything. I failed miserably. It stuck to my hands and to the rubber scrapers and also to the sides of the bowl the only thing it didn't stick to was the glass pan because it was covered with powdered sugar. Then it has to sit out over night to dry. There wasn't an approximate time with how long this happen but i figured a good 12 hours.

The fun part is when its all ready to go you can break out your fun cookie cutters and go to town. I posses a few round cookie cutters for your basic marshmallow shape but then I also own a Squirrel cookie cutter (don't ask why i just do) and I made some fun squirrel marshmallows.
They turned out pretty good and i have a whole bag of marshmallows to myself. Nom nom nom. I can totally see why people can charge what they do for gormet marshmallows its not as easy as it might seem. If I do this again I will add different flavoring to them maybe rasperry or orange extract to make them more exciting!



  1. I love the squirrel Marshie!!! So cute!! They look really good! I wanna try some!

  2. Btw...I got to try one of these...so good!!! Were a little more vanilla-y that I would have thought, but I know my girl Lynds loves vanilla! They were really good and had great texture I thought!