Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lemon Cupcakes

She Wore Lemon
I like citrus desserts they are always refreshing and seem to clean you pallet. I've made these cupcakes before for both my brother's wedding shower and his wedding. But as always I changed the recipe to make it my own. The recipe called for self rising flour but instead I used cake flour with a teaspoon of baking powder as the rising agent. I used my new and shiny juicer to squeeze all the juice out of the lemons! It's so much better then me squeezing a lemon with my hands like I did for my brother's wedding. The cake is light and not as lemony as you might expect it to be that's where the frosting comes into play.

I used the liners that my mom bought me from Crate & Barrel they are very spring like. I usually make the lemon cupcakes with a lemon frosting, but this time around I wanted to switch it up and experiment with swirling two flavors together. I ended up with Lemon Raspberry frosting.... half lemon half raspberry. The lemon itself is kind of tart because of the freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest and the raspberry is a nice complementary flavor because they also have a tendency of being a bit tart. They are very tasty and refreshing. I'm really happy the way these turned out. =)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Egg Bread

There is nothing better then homemade bread & I don't mean bread out of a bread maker. Egg bread is one of my favorites to make the cookbook suggests to put it into 2 loaf pans I have a preference to making one loaf and braiding it. It has a tendency of stretching length wise over a baking sheet. But I think it looks pretty.

I experimented this time around with mixing the dough at night and letting it rise once then I put it into the fridge so I could bake it in the morning for Easter. I put it in the fridge and woke up in the morning and saw it did its second rise and I got slightly worried that it wouldn't do a third rise, but thankfully it did.

One more picture =)

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

To celebrate Easter this past weekend I decided to try a new recipe Carrot Cake provided by Abbey at Our Forking Blog ( Because I seem to be selective to desserts that don't have to do with chocolate I've never tried carrot cake, but my mom is a big fan of this dessert. I shredded my carrots and away I went. I must say that the batter seemed runny and I was slightly concerned with its outcome but when I rotated the pan everything seemed A-OKAY!

The frosting is a cream cheese frosting another first for me and its delicious! I love cream cheese in general so why not in frosting form. I love how it consists of three ingredients: cream cheese, butter & powdered sugar. YUM.

I will be happy to report that the cake was fluffy and light and the cream cheese frosting had a smooth consistency. Mom was very happy and so was I.